Monday, December 08, 2008

Fabric Jewels

Simple in concept, but challenging in execution, Meg Hannan's unique Fabric Jewels process has evolved over many a year. Using techniques of her own invention, she creates jewelry out of fabric and fibers. This original art form came into being through Meg's synthesis of painting, fiber art, and collage. The edge of the fabric is where this world blooms.

Meg uses mainly cotton and 97% of the fabrics used are from recycled sources. Many of the textiles and cords are hand dyed first; then she fully saturates them with liquid glue and roll them into a cane. The glue hardens and protects it. When dry, Meg slices the roll cross-section. The vivid, intricately detailed fiber millefiori slices are durable gems that then become lively lightweight earrings, pins and pendants. Luscious bead embellishments add movement to many of them and further enhance their texture and depth. Because the sliced fabric is almost weightless, wearing Meg's artwork is a pleasure!

Fabric Jewels are made in Seattle, in Meg's studio. She produces multiples of her designs in a limited number, but each fabric jewel varies in shape from slice to slice. Her use of hand dyed fabrics and cords imbues these slices with a lively glow and creates color changes throughout the roll. Because of these factors each piece is slightly different and has it’s own, one of a kind beauty.