Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jaguar Art Glass by Ann Schwartz

Ann Schwartz has been artistically etching glass since 1975. She has innovated and refined several sandblasting techniques that are unique in the production of artistically sandblasted glass and glassware. The airbrush quality and dimensional depth of her finely detailed etchings illustrates her dedication to producing work that conveys a sense of flow, beauty, and humor. Ann designs and freehand draws all of Jaguar’s imagery. She also skillfully cuts all of her stencils by hand. Afterwards, she sandblast each piece individually. To ensure the authenticity and preserve the timeless value of their art, each individual piece is signed and dated. All glassware is purchased from a variety of sources, most is hand blown. Just as with any painter or graphic artist who doesn't make their own canvas, we don't make ours. However we design and etch on the more challenging and difficult curved surfaces of glassware.