Friday, September 19, 2008

Ildanach Studios Jewelry by Curtis Rowland

Curtis follows the time-honored philosophy of his Ancestors. Awen is a God-given blessing - natural and pure, this Creative Soul is to be used as a celebration of Creation. For Curtis and Ildanach Studios, this means organic rather than sterile…individual character not mass production…natural, balanced, earth-friendly sources instead of unnatural, manufactured or unsound practices. If you research back far enough, every culture has this philosophy. The American Indian sees it as being connected in the Great Cycle. The Japanese see it as Wabi-sabi, humble beauty, or a respect for that which is old and therefore full of character. The Celts see that it goes beyond Awen to being on the Sunwise Path and attuned with the Spirit of Creation.

The benefits of this natural approach mean a healthier individual and a more stable environment. For example, anyone who has ever seen any of the various copper mines around the world probably comes away sickened at this destruction of the Land - just one of the reasons for Curtis' almost religious dedication to recycling and reusing.

This connection also brings forth earthy, organic beauty. Allowing the materials their voice, the artist their creativity and the wearer their expression.

And thus the name, Ildanach, becomes apropos. From the Gaelic language group, Ildanach, pronounced ill-DA-nock, means all craftsman and represents our dedication to this philosophy as well as our striving for the highest craftsmanship in all that we do.