Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Virtual Critter Invasion!

We've been invaded! By what you ask? Virtual Critters. What are Virtual Critters? Virtual Critters are wooden fish and wooden snakes, hand-made in Nova Scotia, Canada, by Anne O'Hearn. Their realistic flexibility is due to a canvas 'spine' that holds the individual side-pieces of wood together.

Anne started making her 'Virtual Snakes' in 1997, and in 1999 her 'Virtual Fish' proved to be even more popular than the snakes. These unique 'Virtual Critters' are treasured by individuals, as well as being in demand by art-stores and galleries throughout Canada and the United States. Pick Up Sticks Woodworking (established in 1995) is a family business built around the meticulous craftsmanship of Anne O'Hearn. The 'team' consists of Anne (the genius craftsperson), Doug (her husband who takes care of the books, shipping and correspondence), and an occasional helper in the shop.