Thursday, April 27, 2006

Smaller Glass Disks from You Can Kiss My Glass Studio

Rick Jarvis and Alison Baker are now making smaller glass disks. Many of you have admired their work but wished that there was a smaller size. We now have a selection of 7" and 8 1/2" diameter discs available.

The glass disks are created by blending molten glass in a kiln. Hundreds of individual pieces of stained glass are placed in a kiln, the temperature is then raised until the glass is molten. At around 1700 degrees in a kiln, glass becomes fluid. By employing a variety of techniques more glass is layered into the kiln. By knowing how and when to introduce the glass into the kiln, Rick and Alison are able to create the patterns and layering that distinguishes their work.

Most fused glass is created by arranging precut pieces of glass on a kiln shelf and heating the glass until the pieces "fuse" together. Upon careful inspection you can see each individual piece of glass that went into the piece. The fused glass artist for the most part is trying to avoid the flow and movement to preserve their designs. The designs by Rick and Alison are all about the movement and flow and they know of no other artist that works the way they do in a kiln.