Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jorgensen Woodworking

More new stuff! Aren't these back scratchers fun? Designed to reach all those hard to scratch places and you can balance them on their beaks on a shelf or the mantle.

We just got in some wonderful wood products by Erik Jorgensen. Pictured above are the salmon wine bottle holders. Like magic, they balance a full bottle of wine and keep the wine cork wet while looking really cool.
Erik speaks about the wood he likes to use "I take great effort in making use of mother nature's resources by using recycled wood. Trees that are blown down by wind storms, some by city removal, and some from tree arborists who are sending logs to landfills. This makes for an earth friendly "green" supply of wood and keeps costs lower. I mill and air dry much of my wood. I also by 2nd grade lumber which mills normally burn or put in landfills."