Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mini Teleidoscopes from David Kalish

In designing kaleidoscopes, David Kalish is challenged to create objects that are as alluring on the outside as they are within. Initially he doesn't want the observer to know the piece functions as a kaleidoscope. When that’s discovered the viewer delights in the unexpected surprise. ‘OOH' and 'AHH' and "OH, MY GOD" are common reactions. It simply boggles the mind that so much beauty can be contained within so small a space. Therein lies the magic!

David's designs tend to be sleek and contemporary, incorporating various combinations of metal, wood and acrylic. Many of his scopes feature polished gemstones in oil cells. Optical lenses and precision made mirrors systems transform nature's palate into brilliant, beautiful, often breathtaking kaleidoscopic patterns.
Come check out the new mini scopes, either on a stand or on a necklace. We also have a couple of baseball teleidoscopes, a scope inside a real baseball!