Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Eye and I Glass Jewelry

Eric Nelson of Eye and I Glass began blowing glass in 1998. He tries to reduce, reuse and recycle in his daily life and surroundings and this is what led him to create his line of glass jewelry.The idea evolved out of "recycling" shards of finished glass pieces that had broken for one reason or another. Eric selected the most interesting broken sections to bring back into the flame and polish off the edges for use as a necklace pendant. Because the glass piece was a small section of a larger work, the design and patterns would be unintentional, yet appealing for the uniqueness. He found that these sold well and began to think about creating a consistent source for these glass shards rather than waiting for a piece to break. Eric decided to work with frit glass for its ability to create endless patterns through the melting salt size pieces all the way down to a fine powder. Mixing different types and shades of frit gives my pieces varying degrees of color saturation and depth.

These beautiful pieces of glass jewelry have just arrived in the store. We have the multi piece neck wires, two sizes of french wire earrings and barrettes. They are so many different colors and patterns, you'll have to check them all out before you decide on the perfect pair of earrings!