Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mercury Mosaics Switch Plates

Mercury Mosaics was created by Mercedes and Michael Austin in the winter of 2003 out of an interest to make a living as artists. They started out in Mercedes’ apartment with a very small ceramic kiln. Two studios and 4 years later, they operate in a large commercial space, once used as a bowling alley, now the home of Mercury Mosaics. Their work benches are like butcher-block tops since they were once the actual bowling lanes! They are a team of 6 studio employees all with unique backgrounds with a love for tile and mosaic. They have expanded across the board. Their products are in over 17 states and also on the “world’s largest switch plate website.”
Their new designs are a way of merging modern and classic design, creating a result that has the WOW factor. Mercury Mosaics intend to create color combinations that just make you feel good to be in the same space as their tile. Space effects the way you function in everyday life, they believe that an aesthetic space is a necessity, that is why they are so passionate about what they do!